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About Tpad

Tpad is an international telecommunications company with over 1000 customers in the UK, operating internationally from regional offices in Dubai and Cyprus.

With over 20 years' experience in the IT sector, our proficiency and proven track record spans the development, manufacture and installation of business telephony services.

Tpad offers solutions to meet all requirements ranging from Managed IP/PBX solutions to complex Contact Centre installations.

In addition, the Tpad Global Phone Network has unlimited call handling capacity and our in-house developed software provides an on-net feature rich environment. Standard functionality includes network based call recording, call reporting, least cost routing, diallers, multi-site solutions and much more.

With over 100 operatives within dedicated service, support and development teams, we pride ourselves on service excellence.

Tpad's exciting product range is constantly evolving to remain firmly in front of the curve. We pride ourselves on our technological advancements and our commitment offering our customers new and improved features and enhanced capabilities. At the same time, we remain true to our core values of providing reliable and affordable cutting edge technology delivered with outstanding levels of service.

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