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On-site PBX

Specifically designed with large enterprises in mind, Tpad's on-site PBX solution is the definitive fully managed and supported service.

Tpad's on-site solution can be deployed over IP, PSTN and ISDN and can provide full connectivity between your main office and any satellite offices. As a customer, you'll benefit from free office-to-office calls using just one company-wide dialling plan.

At Tpad, we deploy our PBX using industry standard, enterprise level server technology at a fraction of the price of other providers.

Loaded with call handling and reporting functionality, our large enterprise solution offers these essential features:

  • Online web portal with full administrator and user control options allowing for instant configuration changes to your PBX system via a simple graphical interface.
  • Monitor and track company phone usage by individual users or by department with our comprehensive call reporting functionality.
  • Full compatibility with IP, PSTN and ISDN connectivity, allowing for limitless flexibility.
  • The Tpad solution is works seamlessly with a large range of SIP compatible devices.
  • Supports advanced unified communications features such as Find Me and Voicemail-to-Email.
  • Other premium functionality e.g. Hunt Grouping, Call Recording, IVR (automated attendant), Voicemail, Conference Bridge and much more included as standard.

We specialise in bespoke systems. Get in touch to cater your perfect telecoms solution.

TpadPBX main features:

  • Call recording – for inbound and outbound calls
  • Flexible multi-level IVR – (auto-attendant) call routing configurator
  • Inbound DIDflexible multi-level call routing configuration: Inbound calls can go to a series on routing features including ring groups, day night, queues, announcements, specific extension, specific voicemail or to external numbers.
  • Failover – call routing functionality
  • Easy call search – with recording play/download
  • User permission – based configurator on allowed features
  • Multi-level tenant configuratorEach customer setup has its own set on the same platform
  • Customizable rate cardsEach customer can be rated according to the assigned rate card setup
  • Credit managementCustomer level or extension level credits can be assigned. Credit warning levels can be configured
  • Customisable on hold music
  • Other standard PBXaction features also include call forwarding, follow me, speed dial, call conferencing, 3way calling, internal calling, and transfers to extensions, queues and ring groups
  • Auto voicemail-to-emailOptionally an attached voicemail file is auto-sent to configured email
  • Paging and intercom
  • Outbound pin diallingPBX can be remotely accessed and used to dial out for authorised users
  • Pick-up groupsExtensions can to grouped together for picking up a call in the group
  • Blacklisting – incoming numbers can be excluded
  • Auto-provisioning of IP phonesremote configuration of hard IP phones, with respect to manufacturer
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